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Eye & Lip Pad Sets


Individual eye pad for those days when you need a little pick me up!

"Party all night, stay out late, still look good and feel great!"

Options: (all sets come with 3 treatments infused with Collagen, Amino Acids & Vitamins)

Rose Gold Eyes - tighten and brighten

Rose Gold Lips - AKA the Pucker Perfector

Gold Eyes - AKA the Baggage Handler

Pomegranate Eyes - AKA the Anti-Aging Powerhouse; "the Time Traveler"

Coconut & Vitamin D Eyes - AKA Wake Me Up Before You Go; "the Sunshine Mask"

Ice Water Eyes - AKA the De-Puffer

Bamboo Charcoal Eyes - AKA Man Up, Puff Down; "the Hangover Mask"

Green Tea Eyes - AKA the Dark Circle Warrior; "the Energy Drink for your Face"

Coconut & Vitamin D Lips - AKA Sun-Kissed

Clean Ingredients- Paraben & Dye Free and Never Test on Animals. 

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