About Us

Hey girly! I'm Ashley, the owner of Bray & Em Boutique. Come in, and get comfy. Our mission is to see you beautifully styled from head to toe - with an extra touch of confidence! We have so much to offer as a small family-owned business that provides affordable and stylish fashion. My hubby is my right-hand man when it comes to business and life, and we have two children together. He pushes me to do things I'd never dream of - like open my own boutique! We love to travel together as a family, enjoy trips to the beach, and taking in a beautiful sunrise. When you visit us, just know we like to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. If that means taking off our shirt to style a shirt for you then that's what we'll do! We love to have fun with fashion. And nothing makes us feel better than seeing you leave with a great outfit and a smile :-) Thank you for shopping with us! We hope you love your new goodies! XOXO, Ashley