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Crispycakes in all the flavors you know and love!!!

Banana Pudding - A tasty rice CRISPYCAKE filled with banana pudding flavor and a light nilla wafer bottom.

Caramel & Cream - The rich gooeyness of melted creamy caramel spread in the middle of our famous gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE.

Cocoa Concoction The cocoa crunch features a layer of chocolate fluff filling in the middle with small chocolate chips in the center for a superior taste. Combines several different forms of chocolate throughout the cake.

Drizzled Marshmallow Gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE topped with mini marshmallows drizzled with rich chocolate making this one of the prettiest and best tasting crispycake.

Cookies & Cream - Gourmet marshmallow rice Crispycake with America's favorite cookies and cream generously packed into the middle of the cake and for extra measure, if you want to eat the top of this cookie you'll find one on top of the cake!

Happy BirthdayPerfect for Birthday celebrations. Multi color sprinkles on top of our classic Crispycake with a label that says Happy Birthday and includes a candle specially sealed (does not touch the cake) on the top of the cake. (does not touch the cake) on the top of the cake.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate - A thick Peanut Butter and Chocolate layer sandwiched inside of a gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE!

Plain and Sweet - The original gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE that started The Crispery. A special recipe making this a unique tasting cake for the many purest out there.

Confetti - colors of confetti throughout the gourmet marshmallow rice Crispycake. Customers compare it to eating birthday cake. If you are ready to celebrate a special day, or just want a great tasting sensation with marshmallow sweetness and colorful confetti throughout the entire cake, this cake will meet your highest expectations

Worms in Dirtcomes with colorful sour patch "worms" placed on a bed or chocolate sprinkles. Now you see why it is called "Worms in Dirt" this is the richest dirt and the best tasting worms you could ever want!

Toasted Coconutflakes of toasted coconut covered on the top of this handmade to perfection cake. Once you start eating this cake, you won't be able to stop

Vanilla Cookies & CreamThis is the Vanilla version of our Best selling chocolate Cookies & Cream CRISPYCAKE. This gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE comes with a Vanilla Cookie on top and vanilla cookies & cream packed in the center of this delicious cake

Raspberry Chocolatewith Raspberry Jelly and Creamy marshmallow generously spread in the middle of the CRISPYCAKE. Better then any jelly donut that you might try, does not run and is not sticky

Pretzel Surprisetopped with pretzel bits and of course we drizzle chocolate generously to the top of the pretzel bits making it even more special

Mint Chocolate Chipwith a coating of soothing green mint fluff on top with mini marshmallows surrounded by carefully hand placed chocolate chips

Magical CharmsFeeling Lucky? Catch the magically delicious gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE with colorful marshmallow shapes found on top and throughout the cake

Peanut Butter & Chocolatethick Peanut Butter and Chocolate layer sandwiched inside of a gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE! Rich chocolate and peanut butter mixed with marshmallow and rice crispies, the best of all worlds!

Rainbow Non Pareilscovered with candy Non Pareil goodness! Crunchy candy balls, marshmallow and rice crispies. Talk about crunchy and soft at the same time!!!

Chocolate Caramel - A delicious CRISPYCAKE with a thick layer of chocolate and caramel sandwiched between 2 layers of soft and gooey marshmallow rice crispies.

Chocolate Caramel w/ Nuts - Our award winning gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE with a layer of rich Chocolate, Carmel and Peanuts sandwiched between two layers of soft marshmallow and rice crispy goodness!

Chocolate Sprinkles - The great taste of marshmallow goodness with a top covered by special chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate Brownie - Rich chocolatey flavor and the perfect crunchy taste of our soft marshmallows & rice crispies.

PB & Banana - CRISPYCAKE with a big layer of Peanut Butter & Banana found in the center of the Crispycake. Elvis himself would marvel at this tasty crispycake.

PB & Jelly - CRISPYCAKE with Peanut Butter and Jelly found in the middle of this unique and fun treat. Easily eaten, with no dripping jelly and no stickiness

PB Fluff - Crispycake with a wonderful layer of Peanut Butter Fluff found in the center of this delicious cake.

All Crispycakes have an 11 month shelf life from the manufactured date and are made in United States of America.

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