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Nail Buffer Block


This cushioned, travel friendly nail buffer with 4 functions in one perfectly follows the curve of your nails making polishing super-fast and easy.
Simply file, polish, and buff following 4 easy steps and leave your nails with a perfect salon shine.

Use Tips

FILE: File nail in one direction to shape edges and remove ridges.
REMOVE: Remove ridges across to have a fine even finish.
POLISH: Polish across nail in one direction to have a fine and smooth finish.
BUFF: Buff across nail in one direction until it gets as shiny as desired.

Remove nail enamel before filing. To prevent nails from peeling, it’s better to file with dry nails.
File and Polish in excess might weaken your nails. Buffing can be repeated as often as you wish.

Tool Care

Use bristle brush to remove residue. Do not leave the buffer in water.
For best results, replace nail buffer after three months of regular use.

Comes in Small (Blue mix) or Medium (Red). 

1109 / 1946