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Blender Sponge with Cover


For a flawless, gorgeous look, use this Ultra-Blender cosmetic sponge designed to apply any liquid, cream and powder foundation, concelear, BB and CC creams.
It features an innovative, durable and easy to wash silicone cover that glides your makeup over the face preventing the sponge from absorbing makeup products in excess.
The bullseye guide in the bottom is meant to help you measure exactly how much makeup you need.
It is Latex-free, non allergenic and odor free making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Use Tips

Carefully apply your favorite primer, foundation, highlighter or blusher onto the bullseye guide pot on the base of the silicone cover to measure the exact amount you need.
Gently apply the product in a dabbing motion to the various areas of your face with silicone side to spread out evenly and thoroughly.
To blend, wet the sponge with water and squeeze out the excess.
Next, turn to the sponge side and gently bounce or stipple the beauty blender over your skin to create a well-blended look. Do not wipe the sponge across your face.

Tool Care

Wipe the silicone cover clean. For the sponge, first rinse in warm soapy water, deep clean using a mild liquid or hard soap and gently massaging the sponge.
Finally, rinse in warm water and leave to air-dry.
Store your sponge in the jar to keep it clean once dry. When traveling remember to remove to let the sponge dry between uses.


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